Find Inspiration in a Writing Group

I had to share this blog. In class this week, we are discussing the topic of writing workshops, and I think there’s so much useful information on here. Check it out!

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One of the best things any writer could do for themselves is joining a writing group. Not only will this help you interact with other writers, but it will help improve your writing skills and allow you to grow as an author. before you can join a writing group, you have to find one. Check in with your library, church, local community college or look in Meetup. If none of these places have information on writing groups, think about starting your own.

Before you start a group, you’ll need to find a place to meet. Libraries and churches will often give space for a writing groups, I once belonged to a group that had space in both places. Both options are good safe places for such a group. They may also allow you to put up fliers looking for members.

Putting Together a  Writing Group

Once you have some…

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