Case Study: Warby Parker

I’m not at all surprised at Warby Parker’s success at selling online prescription glasses. Social media is very powerful and it has played a major role in why they have been so successful.

Without social media Warby Parker could not have engaged customers in such an effective way. They would not have been able to address the issue of customer dissonance nor been able to properly educate them on how to select the appropriate eyewear.

Social media marketing empowered Warby Parker not only with the ability to reach their target audience but also helped to create a channel of communication for existing customers to share their experience and knowledge with potential new customers. By having customers make YouTube video tutorials on how to find a perfect match for glasses, Warby Parker was able to reduce dissonance.

Warby Parker also took advantage of the usefulness of online platforms to create communication channels with their customers that allowed them to narrow down what is working and what can be improved with their business model. There is no better feedback than customer feedback.

User generated content is what enables businesses to successfully execute an online marketing strategy. The users are promoting the business and sharing their experiences with friends and family. New customers are looking to see what existing customers have to say about the company. If their reviews are good, then that gives all the more reason to new customers to give it a try.

Brand loyalty is hard to establish. If you can deliver a product that is both affordable and of good quality you can retain customers. New customers look to see how loyal current customers are. If the online community is raving about a new business it’s sure to draw the attention of those looking for something new and exciting to try.

Another incentive that customers have to buy glasses from Warby Parker is that for every pair they sell, they also donate a pair to a person in need. This not only makes a customer feel good about the product they purchased but also that they are helping others in need by doing business with Warby Parker.

I honestly am thinking of purchasing my next pair of glasses from Warby Parker because I want to help others in need as well.

But also because I like the idea of being able to try a few pairs of glasses from the comfort of my home at no additional cost. This takes out the pressure at sometimes feel while shopping for glasses on location. I feel the need to try on several pairs until I find the right one, but I don’t want to come off vain. At home I can try them on and not feel like everyone is watching or waiting on me.

Their strategic use of social media to connect with their customers allows them to grow and expand. Mostly in part because the customers are using platforms like YouTube to create and share content that promotes the company and at the same time provides potential new customers with the credibility the business needs to win potential customers.

Photo by Scott Van Daalen on Unsplash

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