Case Study: Weixin

Knowing your audience is critical factor for achieving success through social media platforms. With thousands of apps available today it’s challenging to find something that the people will really love.

Platforms like Facebook, and Uber have found tremendous success by providing the public with something they really need. To socialize with your friends and family you can hop on Facebook, share pictures, and catch up with the latest news. If you’re in need of a ride you can use Uber and have a driver pick you up usually within minutes.

In today’s world, people are always looking for a more convenient way to do what they do on a regular basis. Much like the success of Walmart, a Chinese app called Weixin (pronounced “way-shin”), found a way to achieve great success by offering a one stop shop for all your needs. Weixin is a popular social networking app that lets its users send messages, share news, and even get a taxi cab.

shallow focus photography of Taxi signage

Weixin is worth over $100 billion today!

But the company doesn’t stop there. They offer a service called “Red Envelope.” It’s a campaign introduced in 2014 for New Years that lets a user link a bank account and send money to friends and family. It was very successful. It encouraged users to spend more time and money on their platform.

Weixin even manages to keep users on their platform even when they are growing the news. Instead of providing them with a link to the news source article, the app provides them a link to customized version of the article within their app that’s more user friendly and easier to view.

Why are they so successful with over 300 million active users?

Weixin provides users exactly with what they want, convenience, all in one app. Using one app to manage your everyday life seems very practical as opposed to having dozens of apps on your phone for your different needs.

Weixin understands that in order to achieve success it needs to appeal to users in more than one way. It needed to provide what other applications offer individually, and find a way to combine it all into a single user-friendly package.

Weixin’s interface is designed to be simple and convenient. You can send someone a message simply by holding down one button and talking. There’s no need to type at all.

Is it any wonder they have obtained such a massive following? Perhaps not when you think about how they are changing the game and offering more services in just one app.

Photo by Lexi Ruskell on Unsplash

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

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