Baby Times are a Comin

So, this is really happening. No way around it—my fiancé and I are going to become parents in just a few short months. We’re filled with a sense of excitement, and also a bit of the nervous jitters. This is so new to us.

This is Amber, my fiancé:

Photo Mar 31, 4 54 31 PM

She’s carrying our son, Noah Delmar.

Noah doesn’t know this yet, but mommy and daddy are working very hard to give him a good home. Both of us are graduate students working on our masters degree. Mommy is majoring in healthcare administration, and daddy…well, he’s pursing an MFA degree in creative writing—that means daddy’s a writer. Maybe one day you (Noah) will read one of my books.

Right now, the biggest crisis we’re facing is this little thing called a baby registry. It involves so much thinking and planning beforehand: like—what kind of diapers do we choose? Do we get Pampers? Huggies? Or, do we choose a more health conscious brand like Honest Company by Jessica Alba? Is Amber going to bottle feed, or breast feed? If it’s the latter, what kind of breast bump machine-thingy does she choose? Decision, so many decision to make.

To add stress on top of it all, my childhood toy store is going out of business. That’s right, Toys R US is closing, and I’m still trying to process it all on top of having this baby. I’m an 80’s baby—I grew up watching those cheesy toy ads on television where the latest Hot Wheels, or Polly Pocket doll would have parents (including my own) going crazy when we dragged them out of the house to get it for us. It’s the end of an era!

Thank you Toys R US for making my generation so fun.

Amber’s expected due date is August 3, 2018. That’s right around the corner. There’s still so much more to do before we bring baby Noah home with us. I can’t believe we’re going to be parents. Bob Dylan said it best—”the times they are a-changin.”

In our case, the baby times are a comin.

Photo by Bastien Jaillot on Unsplash