Goodbye Letter

The pen dances to the beat of my heart

I worry you can’t read this

Scribble; written in the dark

I want you to understand why—why this


Before you I was me—broken

Pieces discarded into the thinness of air

Another man’s lure of promises; stolen

As if he didn’t even care


Black and blues almost every day

Myself I blamed; Instead of hating him

Whatever the reason—we seem to stay

Even though a future seems vague and dim


When someone breaks your heart—it hurts

A dozen million pieces aren’t the same

What he did; it was worse

Because it was all just a game


Then one day you came into my life

A random autumn leaf; lost in the fall

Unlikely a place for love—yet I took a dive

When we bumped carts at the shopping mall


Your charm worked like gold

We shared a nervous laugh; together

You said—we’d grow old

We ended up in bed, remember?


I fell deeply in love with you

Every moment shared; memorable

You said—love you too!

After, we became inseparable


A million broken pieces—you fixed

Everything; as good as new

Finally! no more tricks

Our love, this time, must be true


The fairy tale—no longer a tale

A dream so real I could cry

Maybe too close to tell

Everything you told me; a fucking lie


That day I came home early

To surprise you; Instead, you in bed

Laying with this woman—so dirty

A whore you let come between us instead


You never knew what you never saw

Of my liquefied heart

You bastard! your word was law

No pieces left—time to depart


My hand no longer shakes nervously

No tears left—nothing to lose

Even if you don’t remember me

No loose ends; not on this noose


I wanted to hate you—forever

Instead; I applaud you, Mr. Clever


Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash